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Smarter GPS Tracker - Lite

1.28 usd

Please Note: A full version of this application (Smarter Tracker GPS) is also available.Smarter Tracker is an easy to use tracking app which takes the worry out of situations where your loved ones are away from home on trips or during their schooling or day-care routines. Smarter Tracker may equally be used within a business context to track personnel or vehicles on a day to day basis.
Smarter Tracker uses SMS and GPS technology to give you a real time map location. The monitor handset is able to fully remotely control the report mode handset to give location reports or individual alerts if outside a geo-fence or 'safe area'. The scheduling feature is particularly powerful as one can set daily, weekly or monthly reports for example when children are routinely traveling to or from their places of study or day-care. Schedules operate automatically and alert you to any unusual movements, allowing for continuous monitoring.
If something out of the ordinary does occur, you'll be able to directly from the application, text or call the handset in question, or failing that, directly navigate to their location wherever that may be. If you are simply using it to keep track of your phones, you will be able to find your phone if lost or alert the authorities to its whereabouts if stolen.
Smarter Tracker is NOT intended as a spying application, and hence is always visible via silent notifications.
Smarter Tracker uses invisible, coded SMS text over a highly reliable 2G network. Indeed, there have been well-reported cases of texts being successfully sent in emergency situations, when all other communication has failed.
Full context-sensitive help is available on each screen of the application and at
*Smarter Tracker uses invisible, coded SMS text as its sole communication medium hence there may be a small ongoing cost to its use. It is therefore particularly suited to text-heavy or unlimited text tariffs where it would be completely free of running costs.
Lite Version
Smarter Tracker Lite enables a lifetime of stress-relieving knowledge of the whereabouts of your loved ones (Lite Version is limited to tracking a single remote handset).
Smarter Tracker Lite supports all the functionality found in the free (Trial) Version PLUS:
- Powerful scheduling capability- No time restriction- NO ADS, ever.- Fully compatible with other versions, so may be used as a cheaper install on remote handsets whilst allowing the installation of the full version on monitor handsets.
Smarter Tracker (ST) requires the following permissions:
Read/Send/Write/Receive SMS- ST uses these for invisible protocol messaging. No user texts are transmitted, made visible or manipulated in any way.
Access Network State- ST checks for the status of the data network to notify user that a data connection is required to update maps.
Internet- ST requires Google map server access to update maps.
Read Google Services- ST requires Google Play Services installed to access map functionality.
Write External Storage- ST writes events to a user-owned log file and clears its database on request.
Access Coarse/Fine Location- ST uses the GPS sensor to update handset position (report mode) and update home position on request (monitor mode).
Receive Boot Completed- ST reloads when the phone is rebooted so it is available (report mode) to monitor handset position and to send its position. Report mode has a minimal processing/memory footprint.
Read Contacts- ST allows access to user contacts to load names and phone numbers. No data in contacts is altered, transmitted, made visible to other applications or manipulated in any way.
Call Phone- ST allows the user to phone contacts which have been loaded as report mode handsets. No calls are ever initiated by ST, this can only be done by the user.
Vibrate- ST will initiate a vibrate/sound notification when a report mode handset moves OUTSIDE a user-set geographical radius (circular area)